Celebration of Life for Jan Marshall

Hello Friends,

Earlier I had indicated that plans to celebrate Jan’s life would be postponed until after both the A-Team Retreat and the GBMC Clinic. However, in part because so many A-Teamers and a number of Alstrom parents will be here next weekend and because many of our Deck House friends are nearby, and certainly because our immediate families are here and can stay around for awhile, and because so many of Jan’s friends and colleagues at JAX are feeling sad, we have made the decision to have a service for Jan on Friday, September 16 at 4:00 PM at Camp Beech Cliff in/at their gorgeous outdoor amphitheater. Our feeling as a family is that nothing would please Jan more than to have her wonderful  A-Teamers in the front row as it were. Same for me!! The setting can be appreciated at www.campbeechcliff.com.

Also, we know how very many of you from all around the globe can not be here in person. This morning at a meeting with the officiate for the service, our dear Heather Cox suggested that if you wished to participate, you could do so by writing your thoughts down and we could publish them for everyone to have with them now and in the future. Phyllis will, of course, see that we have enough Braille copies!! Heather’s direct e-mail is heather.piacentini@gmail.com. It’s a good idea to copy Aaron as well at Aaron.michael.cox@gmail.com. And Phyllis at phyllis.aschenbrenner@alstrom.org.

Music and Nature have been a huge part of our lives. We will have both in abundance on Friday. Casual and comfortable dress encouraged. At minimum, PLEASE, at least as many smiles and laughter as tears! There will be some refreshments following the ceremony, and our evening schedule for the Retreat will resume.

My love to all!

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