2019 Conference Attendee Feedback Needed!

Dear 2019 Conference Attendees,

I’m writing again to encourage you to complete the attached Survey Monkey survey, regarding your experience in Galveston earlier this month. To date, fewer than 60 individuals have done so.

I also have a suggestion! Take this opportunity to sit down with your children and to complete the poll with them individually.

You might be very surprised by their thoughts and feelings about their experience and their willingness to share with the survey as an “excuse” to do so. Obviously, you can skip over some sections.

Also, if you already pushed send on your own effort, you can not go back, BUT, if you’ve had additional thoughts/reflections, you can certainly send them to me, and we’ll see that they are recorded. Several have already done just that!

We really do appreciate the effort and we really do analyze and utilize the results. The deadline is extended to this Friday, May 31, midnight, USA Eastern Time.


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